Research Intern Chizoba Ukairo Wins ‘Building the Dream’ award

January 20, 2016

UntitledAnna Julia Cooper Center Research Intern and junior psychology major Chizoba Ukairo was name one of Wake Forest University’s 2016 Martin Luther King “Building the Dream” award winners.

The award is presented to a professor or administrator and a student from both Wake Forest and Winston-Salem State University (WSSU) who exemplify King’s qualities and promote diversity within the community.

Since summer of 2015, Chizoba has been partnering with the New Orleans nonprofit organization Institute of Women and Ethnic Studies through an AJC Center research internship working on a research project investigating how African American women navigate stereotypes and the impact on their physical/mental health and self-care practices.

From Wake Forest News Center:

As a Wake Forest student, Chizoba Ukairo is dedicated to supporting social justice and is a leader in community engagement. She serves as an officer in student government and in the Black Student Alliance.

Among her many roles, Ukairo is founding director of BRANCHES, a social justice retreat for college students; a resident advisor; a President’s aide; an Intercultural Ambassador in the Office of Multicultural Affairs; and a research fellow with the Anna Julia Cooper Center, which advances justice through scholarship.

“Chizoba never wavers in her commitment to building a more educated, inclusive and dynamic community,” said Marianne Magjuka, director of democratic engagement in the University’s Pro Humanitate Insitute. “She’s dedicated to social change and leads with courage and integrity.”

Senior Aishwarya Nagar describes Ukairo as able to approach often difficult conversations with patience, devotion, depth of understanding, compassion and intelligence. “Her brand of activism has empowered countless students and allies, and has brought so many students closer together. She has empowered members of our community, especially students of color, to find power and value in their voices and opinions.”