Postdoctoral Fellow, Sherri Williams interviewed for TheDinnerTableDoc.com’s Piece of the Pie Series

August 18, 2016

On June 26, 2016 Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr. Sheri Williams was interviewed by Ayondela McDole from TheDinnerTableDoc.com, for their Piece of the Pie interview series. The Dinner Table is a five part documentary series intended to redefine the narrative for women of color in media. The Piece of the Pie Interview series highlights women of color working or researching in media related fields.

“When I walk into a room my history, culture, family, region, gender, race, class and size also walk into the room with me. All of the identities, people and groups I represent deserve to be everywhere and so do I.”

Sherri Williams

Williams, whose research interests include the utilization of social media by women of color and representation of marginalized individuals in mass media, notes that although social media can be powerful, it can sometimes be a harmful space for women of color. She stated, “I love social media and I really believe that it has democratized the way people communicate. But social networks can be ugly spaces for black women and other women of color. Even though I study social media I take mini exiles from social media myself.”

Read the full interview here