“Queen Sugar” Author, ELLE.com, and AJC Center To Host Virtual Book Talk

September 5, 2016

Queen Sugar, the much anticipated series brought to OWN by Ava Duvernay and an all-women directorial team, premieres its first episode at 10 PM ET on Tuesday, September 6 and, second on Wednesday, September 7. The show is an adaptation of author Natalie Baszile’s novel of the same name. In anticipation of the groundbreaking show, Baszile will join the Anna Julia Cooper Center for a virtual book discussion via Twitter on September 6 and 7 from 9 PM to 10 PM ET. Follow @AJCCenter, @NatalieBaszile, and the hashtag #QueenSugarIsLit for the Twitter chat.

ELLE Magazine will also host a Facebook Live broadcast of the Anna Julia Cooper team and guests discussing the novel from 9 to 10 PM ET on both nights from its page on the social networking site. Those in the Winston-Salem, NC area can RSVP to join the conversation at the Anna Julia Cooper Center here.

Both the television series and novel “Queen Sugar” tell the story of an African-American family that is forced to renew their relationships and Louisiana sugar cane farm in the wake of tragedy.

Baszile’s debut work has been called a “tale of the South that is as deeply rooted in time and place as it is universal,” and a “moving story about what grounds us as brothers and sisters, as mothers and daughters, and all the ways we fight to save each other. Natalie Baszile’s characters put brave roots into inhospitable ground, looking for a place, a person, a community to call home home.”

Oprah Winfrey, who asked Duvernay to translate “Queen Sugar” to the screen has said that Duvernay’s acceptance marked “the beginning of a new day” for her television network.

“[Queen Sugar] is a different kind of television,” she went on. “It’s luxurious, sensual, and elevated, and it’s real. We wanted to create stories about us that allow people to see that we have values, and hope, and trials—that we also cherish and love each other in a way that fulfills the human experience.”