Dr. Sherri Williams interviewed about the election of Donald Trump

November 14, 2016

Dr. Sherri Williams, a post-doctoral fellow at the Anna Julia Cooper Center and professor in the Communication department at Wake Forest University was asked by the Winston- Salem Journal for her thoughts on the election of Donald Trump last Tuesday. Williams told The Journal she wasn’t surprised, and in fact expected the outcome. She said that Donald Trump played on the fears and frustration of a demographic of people that have felt unheard for the last eight years.

“Particularly the fears of working-class white people who feel they’re unspoken for and that their issues are not addressed, he spoke to them and he addressed them.”

Williams also noted that the election of Trump has some communities feeling worried about the impact of being a member of a group Trump targeted during his campaign. “Just like the working white class he tapped into, African-Americans, women, Muslims, Latinos and other groups are now equally afraid,” said Williams.

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