Dr. Monique Morris Delivers the 2017 Anna Julia Cooper Lecture

February 27, 2017

During her introduction, Harris-Perry characterized Morris’s latest book, Pushout: The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools as a work that “radically engages the story that policy-makers have been telling about who is vulnerable and why.”

Pushout addresses the disproportionate discipline black girls experience in U.S. schools and its subsequent impact on their education and well-being. Morris noted that discourse concerning the “school-to-prison pipeline” was framed according to the conditions of boys and young men.“For girls, the process is not as linear as a pipeline might suggest,” she said. Instead, Morris uses the phrase “school-to-confinement pathway.” “When I talk about this, I mean the practices and prevailing consciousness that facilitate criminalization in our schools and that render young people vulnerable to contact with the juvenile and criminal justice systems in the future.”

Morris then prodded the audience: “What is this criminalization? What does it look like for black girls?”

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