Elle.com Scholars Launch #Squadcare Report

August 10, 2017

The ELLE.com scholars recently produced the first national report on #SquadCare – what it is, why we need it, and how it is related to self-care. The ELLE.com scholars are five recent young writers, who are currently students or recent graduates of Wake Forest University. During 2016-2017 they took part in a highly competitive journalism program created through a partnership of the Anna Julia Cooper Center and ELLE.com.  Mentored by Professor Melissa Harris-Perry and Professor Sherri Williams, the ELLE.com scholars produced content for national publications throughout the year.

The #SquadCare Report is the culmination of these efforts.  The #SquadCare Report includes original columns by both Professors Harris-Perry and Williams, reporting by each of the five scholars, and original photography by scholar Ann Nguyen.

Activists Need Support to Support the Revolution by MANKAPRR CONTEH


How Women of Color Have Made Comedy Better, Smarter, and About a Million Times Funnier by ANN NGUYEN



You can check out the most recent podcast for #Squadcare created by the Elle.com Scholars here: